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Where the bEAR's in charge

Well more and more time passes distruction is always felt. a society filled with killing, raps, stealing, beating in the mix with the hard workers, the law biters, the 'normal' I sit woundering how people as smart as we say we are we are all being molested on a day to day basis. From the rich incresasing product to the underpaid workers, and the goverment taking what you sweat for. A 6 figure politicion working on promases that never happen well the 3 figure worker gets jacked for half. Million dollar corporations paying empolyees less than 10 bucks to do all the hard work is  rediculous. well the moral of my words is the "good" wounder why there's crime.
rewind and the answer you'll find...........



who doesn't this was a big mark in history, then 2 years later a major black out in the city of new york. my question is if sept.11 never happened would there have been mad looting and mass hystaria????/
well it's one of those things that makes you so hmmm...
so till i find another c&c music factory saying to bite remember was the black out just a test to truly see the actions of a nation that has a high theart to terror attacts to see how society would react. or was it just a freak of nature.??????????